Hot tub provides great way to relax and socialize with your family and friends. We are also offering great selection of different accessories, some of them are important and neccessary such as cleaning supplies and covers, and other types are not neccessary but can make Hot tub more enjoyable.


When you decide to buy any accessories for your Hot tub just make sure it is compatible with your make and model (cover), other accessories can be universal. Accessories allows you personalize your Hot tub experiences. Browse of our selection of variety types of accessories to add functionality and beauty to your Hot tub.

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Lets have a look on few types of accessories from our range: 


  • Led therapy light strips - if you would like to get lovely athmosphere this is option for your Hot tub, underwater led lighting strips which has three colours (blue, green, red) and include  remote control. They also improve visibility during using Hot tub at night.

  • Hot tub pillow - improving relaxation and provides neck support while sitting in Hot tub, and can be attached very easy to the tub.

  • Canapy - make your experience in Hot tub more cozy, keeps tub from UV and wind.

  • Tray for legs - before entering your Hot tub use this tray to avoid bring dirt to the tub.

  • Insulating foam mat - are suitable for any types of Hot tub, it gives protection agains sharp objects to protect your tub.

  • Thermometer - if you would like to make sure that the temperature is right for you, just easy use one of our thermometer to check it.

  • Steps - users will be able to enter Hot tub more easy, as they are tall enough and have non slippery surface.

  • Hot tub covers - it is one of important accessorie for your Hot tub, they are used to keep hot tub clean and Uv protections for the clours on inflatable hot tub.