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Welcome to 'Hot Tub Parts Centre' we are hot tub pump and spare parts specialists, we have hundreds of spare parts to choose from. You can order spare parts for your inflatable hot tubs. There are many ways to find what you want on our site, You can chose from hot tub brands: MspaIntex , Lay Z Spa , or You can browse all selection of spare parts.

We also have a range of Accessories including Filters, Fragrances, Chemicals and even Swimming pools!

Extra services for customers with spares parts, we always consulting with supplier the best possible option for every customer.

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Mspa Spa Pool Air Valve Screw Cap


Details: 25 Euro

(Price including delivery to IRL or UK)


This Mspa air screw cap fits all Mspa inflatable hot tubs including Elegance, Camaro, Blue Sea and Silver Cloud. This part is for all Gl and Gll bubble spas that start with the serial number 2GBUB. Before ordering please ensure this part is compatable with your spa by checking the serial number.


Mspa Digital Lock





Mspa inflatable hot tub synthetic leather cover lock for safety when not in use.


Mspa Drainage Hosepipe Connector



The Mspa Drainage Hosepipe Connector will enable you to drain your spa with your garden hose.

The connector is suitable for all Mspa Bubble Spas that have a screw cap on the end of the drainage pipe, all you need to do is screw the connector on to your drainage pipe and attach a hose.


 Mspa Repair Patch Kit




Includes 2 x Vinyl repair patch, glue and instructions.


Pleas select color: Black, Blue, Grey, Opal, White.

Mspa Heater 
Generation: Lite


Details: 140 Euro

(Price including delivery to IRL or UK)


LITE Heater for Mspa inflatable spas  
Compatible with MSPA Bubble spa from generation LITE
1500 Wats


 Mspa  Hose Replacement


Details: 30 Euro

(Price including delivery to IRL or UK)


Mspa Hose Replacement  for all Mspa hot tubs.


Mspa Lite B-120 Oasis Twilight Spa Pool + Top Lid replacement.


(Price including delivery to IRL or UK)


This Mspa Lite B-120 Oasis Twilight Inflatable Spa Pool for 4 person spas.

This replacement Inflatable spa pool is suitable for all Mspa Lite spas and it comes with top cover same color as the tub.

This is replacement for the Mspa inflatable spa only.

Mspa parts are non-refundable.

 Mspa Lite Air Valve cap + silver repair kit with glue.


Details: 35 Euro

(Price including delivery to IRL or UK)


Mspa Lite Air valve cap + repair kit Includes 2 x Vinyl repair patch, glue and instructions.


 Mspa  Air Valve cap. 


Details: 25 Euro

(Price including delivery to IRL or UK)


Mspa Air valve cap.