No.7 - Complete Chlorine Swimming Pool Chemical Starter Kit

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Swimming Pool Chemical Kit (with 5 kg Chlorine Tablets MAXI) This set is suitable for large swimming pools above 10,000 Liters dosage 1- 200g for 7-10 days. MAXI Multiplex tablets 5 in 1 Chlorine Tablets 200g (5kg total 25 tablets ) For swimming pool. MULTIPLEX Chlorine TABLETS 5 in 1 mini - multifunctional white tablet 200g blue crystals contain trichlorisocyanuric acid, aluminum sulphate and copper sulphate. The tablets are used for disinfection, chlorine and chlorine stabilization in the water, flocculation of the impurities, the formation of algae, brighten water solutions . pH Increaser (0,8 kg) pH Reducer (1.6 kg) 50 x 3 Parameters Test Strips (Chlorine) Floating Chemical Dispenser (For Large Tablets 200g) A basic swimming pool chemical kit for regular sanitization and cleaning the water, pH balancing, and testing.

We recommend to Order Algaecide with this kit to clear Algae from the water.