Bromine Tablets for hot tub 1KG= 50x20g

Bromine Tablets for hot tub 1KG= 50x20g

Bromine Multiplex Tablets Mini 20g for hot tub and swiming pool: 1 kg = 50 x 20 g
50 x 20 g Bromine Tablets

50 Tablets Equivalent to 1 Kg
Use these Ultimate Bromine Multiplex tablets to control bacteria in your swimming pool or hot tub.
These high performance Bromine tablets can be placed in your skimmer or Floating dispenser- Available in our shop.
Never place directly into your spa or pool as severe bleaching/staining may occur. Use a Dispenser or place in filter.
BROMINE TABLETS - are used for desinfection of water in Hot tub, controls bacteria. They can be placed in your skimmer of floating dispenser, never put directly to your Hot tub as severebleaching/staining may occur. Use a floating dispenser or place in filter.
  • How many tablets do i put in a dispenser?

    The dispenser has a full capacity of about 7 small 20g tablets however we recommend keeping the dispenser tapped up with 2 or 3 of these tablets.

    Never mix Brominite chemicals with other chemicals products (Chlorine, OXY). If you want start with new Chemical treatment please empty water first and add new water in hot tub and start with new chemicals treatment.