Chlorine Tablets MAXI 5 in 1 Swimming pool chemicals 1,2 Kg

Chlorine Multiplex Tablets 5 in 1 Maxi for Swimming pool chemicals: 1,2kg = 6 x 200g Multifunctional tablets in one maxi to treat swimming pool water MULTI TABLETS 5 in 1 maxi - multifunctional white tablet 200 g blue crystals contain trichlorisocyanuric acid, aluminum sulphate and copper sulphate. The tablets are used for disinfection, chlorine and chlorine stabilization in the water, flocculation of the impurities, the formation of algae, brighten water solutions . Supplied in packs of 1,2kg = 6x tablets 200 grams.
This tablets are suitablbe for: Big 200grams Chemicals dispenser
  • 1 tablet insert into the float or container.

    MULTI 5 in 1 maxi 20-30 m3 of water in the pool. This amount should be sufficient to maintain the desired concentration of 0.3-0.5 mg / l of active chlorine in the water for 5 to 10 days, depending on the factors which affect the amount of chlorine in the water, such as air and water temperatures, the brightness value radiation and load the pool. Check the correct concentration of active chlorine and pH should be carried out regularly suitable tester. The product contains in itself already substances that should prevent algae growth, but in the event of occurrence of algae can make a single water treatment agent CHLORINE SHOCK or product ALGACID PLUS.