Cucumber Melon inSPAration

inSPAration 9oz Bottles Cucumber MelonThe Ultimate Aromatherapy Fragrance, for Spas, Hot Tubs and Whirlpool Baths.inSPAration Spa Aromatherapy is a ready to use blend of aromatherapy fragrance specially formulated for Spas, Hot Tubs and Whirlpool Baths. Enhanced with Vitamins and Natural Extracts, inSPAration leaves skin soft and moisturised and is water soluble. Masks chemical odours and will not stain or harm woods, fiberglass, acrylics or plaster. Has no oils and will not clog filters or affect water chemistry.Treatment:For Spa and Hot Tubs add 2-3 capfulsFor Baths add until desired aroma is reached.Storage & HandlingStore in a cool, dry place away from oxidizing and reducing agents, strong acid, alkalis, solvents and organic materials. Do not mix with other chemicals. Always wear suitable gloves and eye protection when handling.Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.