Heat pump

The BP-30WS heat pump is designed exclusively to heat the pool water and maintain its temperature. Optimal use is for pools with a water volume of up to 18 m3. The heat pump achieves the highest efficiency at air temperatures between 15 and 25 ° C.

Principle of heat pump operation
The heat pump, by means of a cycle of compressing and expanding the heat transfer fluid, allows heat to be drawn from the air around the pool. Air is driven by a fan through the evaporator, in which it transfers its heat to the heat-carrying fluid (cooling air). Heat transfer fluid is then a compressor that compresses and heats it, conveyed to the helix of the heat exchanger, where it transfers its heat to pool water. From the heat exchanger the cooled liquid flows into the expansion valve, where its pressure is reduced and is rapidly cooled. The thus cooled liquid flows back to the evaporator where it is heated by the flowing air. The whole process runs smoothly and is monitored by pressure and temperature sensors.

Mains voltage 230/50 V / Hz
Power consumption 0.6 kW
Prev. Power input 0.5 kW
Optim. Flow rate 2.8 m3 / h
Noise level 46 dB (A)
Heat output 3.0 (at 20 ° C) kW
Power factor