Lay Z Spa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub 2-4 Adults.

Lay Z Spa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub 2-4 Adults.

Lay-Z-Spa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub (2-4 Person)The brand new Lay-Z- Spa Miami (as seen on TV) is the most popular Lay-Z-Spa model to date! Comfortably seating 2-4 people, it is the perfect way for couples and families to relax and unwind in 40°C water with a soothing message jet system for an unparalleled relaxation experience!With all of the features of a traditional fixed hot tub at an affordable price and with the added advantage of portability, you really need no further excuse to enjoy the luxury of your very own spa.The Miami can be set up practically anywhere there's a flat surface, whether outdoors or indoors - perfect for use on patios, outdoor decking, gardens with limited space. They are even suitable to box up and take on your travels and inflate at your leisure wherever you desire, for some extra-special "Me" time.
  •  Portable, inflatable hot tub

        Heats up to 40°C (104°F)

        Comfortably fits 2-4 people

        Lay-Z Massage Jet System

        Extended 1 year warranty

        For outdoor or indoor use

        Easy set-up in 10 minutes, no professional installation required

        Fuss free easy to fit top reinforced cover 

        Digitally controlled pump for massage system, water filtration and rapid heating

        Includes as standard: Free set up DVD, Maintenance Guide, 2 x Filter Cartridges and Chemical Floater

  • Capacity:      2 - 4 Adults

    Water Capacity (80%):      800 Litres (192 Gallons)

    Inflated Size:     1.80m x 0.65m (71" x 26")

    Filled Weight:     1,026 kg (2,261 lb)

    Cable Length:     10m approx.

    Voltage:     220-240V~50Hz, 2,050W at 20°C, Class II

    Actual Water Flow:     1,325 litres per hour (350 Gal/h)

    Max. Heat Capability:     40°C (104°F)

    Certification:     CE/GS/ EMC approved

    Box Dimensions & Weight:     1 Colour Box (Size:) 79cm x 51cm x 63cm/ (Weight:) 1 Each 30.9kg (68.0lb)