MSPA LED Therapy 6 Person spa

MSPA LED Therapy 6 Person spa

LED lights hot tub with remote control for 6 seats hot tubs.
5 color LED strip light , which is immersed in the bottom of the hot tub for stepping particular evening or night swimming.
Includes remote control .
  • PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:Underwater LED lighting strip. Three main colors. Easy set up and operation. Remote control included.


    LED Lighting Strip: for 6 person size hot tubs    B0301757


    Enhance the night time spa experience with powerful LED strip light that can be encircle the inside of the spa. Connector is included in the package. Three main color - blue, green and red. Remote control included.


    B0301756: Underwater LED strip for 4-people round or square spa. 

    B0301757: Underwater LED strip for 6-people round or square spa.