Pool Maintenance Kit

2.03m /80"For use with 3.96m/13" and below poolsIncludes a light weight pole with interchangeable vacuum and skimmer headsVacuum has a one piece cleaning head with reusable debris bagVacuum connects to garden hose which can be connected to the pool filtration or submarine water pump.DescriptionBestway 80in Swimming Pool Maintenance Kit offers a simple solution to cleaning and maintaining an 8ft to 12ft Steel Frame or Fast Set pool. It s absolutely perfect for pool owners who have to squirm around in filthy water, using a sponge and bag to clear debris and scour grime. The swimming pool cleaning equipment consists of an 80in (2.03m) aluminium pole and an interchangeable vacuum and skimmer head. No tools are required to set up the swimming pool skimmer and vacuum; they simply connect to the end of the pole. The length of the pole has been custom-designed for 8ft to 12ft swimming pools, allowing all areas to be cleaned without the strain or awkwardness of a larger or smaller model. Using the swimming pool net skimmer couldn t be simpler. Once the head has been attached to the aluminium pole it s a simple case of swooping down into the water and scooping up loose debris such as dead insects, animal faeces and rotting leaves. The swimming pool vacuum head connects to the pole and uses a standard garden hose for suction. It s used to rescue the walls and floor of a pool from invasive algae and other grime. Loose debris is sucked into a hardwearing leaf bag, which can be emptied out and used time and time again. Bestway 80in Swimming Pool Maintenance Kit is the perfect starter kit for cleaning and maintaining an 8ft to 12ft above ground pool