UV sterilizer is used disinfection of water in swimming pool or aquarium . UV sterilizer destroys bacteria , mold , water turbidity , and algae, and ensure crystal clear water .
  • Pool UV sterilizer

    The pool UV sterilizer is a useful device , which is suitable for pools , ponds or in the aquarium . It contains a special UV lamp that emits while shining intense UV radiation . The water that passes through the device is exposed to UV radiation, which is lethal to advance mostly algae, bacteria , virus , parasites , fungi , like water turbidity . UV radiation despite the fact that kills microorganisms , has no effect on any harmful organism human or quality of water .
    What is ultraviolet radiation ?
    Ultraviolet radiation is electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength shorter than that of the visible light , but longer wavelength than that of the X-rays . UV radiation, which produces even our UV sterilizer induces DNA microorganisms photochemical reactions , in which the cells prevented their proliferation So are fast mortification .

    UV radiation is therefore no pool UV sterilizer does not change the composition of water , do not induce any adverse reactions exclude any chemicals. Vašo water in the pool, pool or aquarium Thanks UV sterilizer will always crystal clear without any germs.
    Pool UV sterilizer - technical parameters
    power UV lamp - 18W
    protection class IP 54
    operating water temperature 5 to 40 ° C