Winter Sauna Cover for Mspa models.

Winter Sauna Cover for Mspa models.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:Popular item for Winter! Enjoy a private steam sesion by using the sauna cover with MSpa product. Suitable for max. 3 bathers. Extra pockets on the cover top for IPhone, IPad or other small electronic devices.


Winter Sauna Cover  B0301687N/0301688N   


B0301687N: Suitable for max. 3 adults. Fit on all 4-person MSpa spa tub products.

B0301688N: Suitable for max. 4 adults. Fit for all 6-person MSpa spa tub products.


How to use: Put the sauna cover onto the spp, connect lacing to the matching ground mat. Enjoy a private steam session with the innovative sauna cover. Extra pockets for placing IPhone, IPad, or any other small electronic devices are attached to the cover top. Elastic lacing for towels, books or drinks are also attached.

Only for Mspa models.