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Intex Gray Wood Deluxe 4 Person Review and Set Up Pictures And Video Blog

Hello and thank You for interest in New 2020 model Intex Gray Wood Deluxe 4 and Intex Gray Wood 6 person hot tub size with Intex LED lights and Headrest included in the packaging.

In this post I will try to show You actual look on Intex 4 person size Intex Gray Wood air jets.

What Is in package:

So we can have look now actually in to the boxes what we can Find inside.

We have the Intex Pump and hose for inflating the tub and top cover, with bubble mat under the tub. Black Bag for storage, 2 headrest, Led light, Inflatable tub with top cover included inflatable lid. Filtration housing with 2 filters ( one is already in filtration housing. Manual , connector for emptying the tub using garden hose, test strips 25- 3 parameters test strips, spare patches, 2x key for locking the top cover ( extra security for kits) spare O ring seals. Small floating dispenser for 1- 20gram tablets ( chemicals are not included) Floating dispenser for more tablets can be purchased separately click here

Installation :

Make sure You have flat , level surface. It can be installed on patio, concrete, grass etc. just make sure no sharp stones , glass etc will not stay underneath.

Insulation bubble mat, just place it facing bubbles to the ground.

Next place the Intex Tub on the bubble mat and connect the Pump to the electricity and press on RCD plug Test Orange button.

Connect the Inflatable hose to the Pump and connect the other end to the Tub. Press the bubble bottom on the hot tub panel. The controller on the pump have self locking sistem. Just hold the finger on little 🔒 lock button to unlock the display. When the tub will be fully inflated make sure is soft to touch ( newer inflate the tub or the cover to max stiffness ) always keep it soft to touch and double check the tub on sunny days when the pressure will need to be adjusted again.

Connect the Intex Pump to the Tub and hand tie the connectors make sure You not missing the 3 O ring seals. Start filling the water.

Look on this Image where the filter housing with the Intex S1 filter will go. Newer place it on the top connector. This we will need for LED light.

The filter needs to be washed it least once in 7 days and replace for new one in 1 mont.

Stop filling the water when it reaches lines between Minimum and Maximum level.

then You will be able to set the temperature be using arrows up or down max temperature is 40C and the lower 20C. And press 🔥 flame button ( heating ) filtration sistem will turn on automatically two. The flame icon will be Red and when it will reach to the temperature You set will become Green.

Ahh and did You know that the controller panel can be removed and placed for example at home ? It will needs to be recharged on the Intex Pump first but then You will be able to controls You New Intex Gray Wood from Your home.

When the hot tub is full of water and filter is placed don’t forget to place 1 chlorine multiplex tablets in the floating dispenser every 3 days for 4 person Intex hot tub. Put the top cover and click on the straps. Adjust the temperature for 40C press the heating button 🔥 flame and wait until next day for hot tub to be ready for use.

And now the fun staff:

Is the time to use the hot tub.

Headrest and LED lights.

Easy for assembly come in 2 parts. The best will be if You store them outside from the tub.

Led light battery needs to be placed it and close properly. Then You can place it inside the tub on top outlet pipe screw. You will be able to change lights in the tub.

Time for turn on some bubble:

And now the last thing did You see on the first picture that we build our decking under the hot tub from palets. Here is some pictures how to do it Yourself.

Please let us know how did You like our instructions and assemble. Please share Your set ups and ideas how to build the best set up. Thank You, and for purchase please visit our website

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