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We would like to advice you to look after your swimming pool in few steps.

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We would like to advice you to look after your swimming pool in few steps:



1. The most important factor to your water balance is the pH. Please use test strips to measure pH, recommended level range for pH should be 7.2 - 7.6. If your pH is below this range, then use pH plus to increase pH and if level of pH is higher then you should use pH minus to adjust pH.



2. Once algae has grow in swimming pool, only a treatment algaecide product combined with shocking Chlorine Shock product will kill the algae. Please use these product together and leave it working for 2 days.


3. Use Water Sparkle product if water is white - this product will bring the sparkle back, using Vacuum which remove all floculated dirts from pool.



4. After these steps you be using Chlorine Tablets - 1 tablet in floating dispenser/1 week,

checking your water every 2-3 weeks by testing.


5. If you have hard water - you can treat your water using by Hardness blocker product to help solve this problem.


A. If your pool water has just become cloudy within hours of adding pool chemicals, such as shock or ph adjusting chemicals, continue to circulate the pool water for 8-12 hours.
B. Be sure to test pool chmical levels before adding chemicals. Cloudy pool water is often caused by unbalanced pool chemistry.
C. Be careful not to add too much Algaecide as it can cause blue staining on some surfaces of pool.

If your have qvestion please contact us with the size of your pool .