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Booking form available only for Co.Limerick and 60 km from Limerick city.

Unfortunately we are not able to provide our service Hot Tub Hire currently for another counties.
No other delivery distance will be considered.



Are you looking for something different for your special occasion, so why not to try out to hire one of our inflatable Hot tub? Whether is your birthday party, anniversary, romantic weekend, hen or stag party you will have a great, memorable Hot tub experience.

Sign up now for hire and get a inflatable hot tub delivered to you.

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Hiring is easy:

1. Simply fill out the application form for hire of a Hot tub with your personal details to find out if your dates are available for hire.

2. When the form is filled and sent to us we will inform you about delivery charges calculated according to your address for the hire of the Hot tub. We will send an email to confirm your dates and delivery charges.

3. Booking Charge of 50€ and Delivery charges calculated according to your delivery address have to be paid in advance and the remaining balance for hire of the Hot tub has to be paid in cash on delivery day.

Our standard hire period is from Mon - Thur, or Thur - Mon, but you can also hire a Hot tub for 7 days. What we need from You:

a. Space for Hot tub (2 metres x 2,5 metres), flat surface.

b. Space for Gazebo (3 metres x 3 metres).

c. Access to water (indoor or outdoor tap).

d. Access to standard electricity mains.

4. Somebody has to be at home on the delivery and collection date.

5. Free delivery within 30 km from Limerick city (additional charges to other areas calculated according to address you would like to hire a Hot tub). A hot tub can be set as high as 40 degrees C and holds 4 adults V.I.P or 6 adults Luxury.

6. Gazebo if required (to an additional charge applies).


Everything is taken care of from start for the hire of a Hot tub you don't need to do a thing, just sit and find world of relaxation in our inflatable Hot tub!



 HOT TUB HIRE LUXURY:   6 Person Hot Tub

Space required for Hot Tub: 2,5 meters (8 Feet)

From Monday to Thursday (4 Days):  185€

From Thursday to Monday (4 Days):  205€

Hot tub hire LUXURY for 7 days is:     240€



 HOT TUB HIRE V.I.P:   4 Person Hot Tub

Space required for Hot Tub: 2 meters (7 Feet)

From Monday to Thursday (4 Days):  135€

From Thursday to Monday (4 Days):  155€

Hot tub hire V.I.P  for 7 days is:            200€


hot tub ireland gazebo for hire.jpg



Space Gazebo size 3x3 meters (10 x 10 feet)

Gazebo hire for 4 Days:  50€ 

Gazebo hire for 7 Days:  70€


Our 3 x 3 metre pop up gazebo (no sides) + LED lighting system is a great touch to add to any party and makes all the difference when  you're relaxing in the bubbles.

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FAQ. Hot Tub Hire

Our VIP Hot Tub + Gazebo  package includes

  • 1 x 4 Person Inflatable Hot Tub

  • 1 x Gazebo 3 x 3 Meter (NO SIDE PANELS)

  • 1 x Led Light

  • 1 x Drink holder

  • 1 x Weatherproof extension lead

  • 1 x Tray for feet

  • All filters and chemicals needed (no hidden charges)

Our LUXURY Hot Tub + Gazebo  package includes

  • 1 x 6 Person Inflatable Hot Tub

  • 1 x Gazebo 3 x 3 Meter  (NO SIDE PANELS)

  • 1 x Led Light

  • 1 x Drink holder

  • 1 x Weatherproof extension lead

  • 1 x Tray for feet 

  • All filters and chemicals needed (no hidden charges)

Things to think about before your hire

  • Do I Need an Outdoor Electricity Point? – Our hot tubs need to be plugged in throughout the hire period. We can run our waterproof extension lead through a small upstairs window, a cat flap, or a conservatory if you do not have an electricity point outdoors.

  • Do I Need an Outside Tap? – if you have an outside tap and hose pipe then this is brilliant but if not then do not worry. We have many different adapters to fit most styles of home taps, it just means that we will have to run a hose pipe from your kitchen or bathroom.
    WINTER HIRES! it is best to fill your hot tub up using hot water on days below 4 degrees and late afternoon setups.

  • What About Access to Our Garden? – Our inflatable hot tub packages will fit through any normal-sized door, this makes them ideal for terrace houses.

  • The Hot Tub Surface – The hot tub needs to be on a flat surface of either grass, concrete, or patio slabbed area.

  • Should I Cut My Grass? It is a good idea to cut your grass at least 4 days before the date of your delivery. This means that you will not have loose/dry bits of grass sneaking into your hot tub and blocking up your water filter.
    SUMMER HIRES! Never cut your grass the day before your hire!

  • Should I Jet Wash My Patio Area? This is a great idea! This will prevent a lot of dirt from entering the hot tub water and quickly block your filter up when people are getting in and out of the tub. (Even just a quick hose down the day before would be worth it).

  • How Long Will it Take You To Set Up the Equipment? We will have everything set up and be ready to leave within 2 hours. The hot tub does then need to heat up overnight (unless you opt to fill it with hot water).

  • How Long Will it Take You To Collect the Equipment? Typically we will have it all packed up and be out of your way within 60 Minutes. We use a flood pump to dispose of the waste water quickly and efficiently into your nearest drain or manhole. We then vacuum pack the hot tub so we will still need your electricity for the first 35 minutes.

  • Hot Tub Collection

  • On collection, we will still need to use your electricity to empty the water into the closest drain using our flood pump and to vacuum pack the hot tub.

Free delivery for hire in radius 30 km from Limerick city.

Hot Tub Ireland will set up hot tub, gazebo, lights and rubber floor mats for your special day.


Hot Tub Hire Ireland delivery only 60km from Limerick City:

Limerick, Tipperary, Clare, Ennis, Galway.

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