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How to place your order?

Visit our website, click SHOP NOW, select product you would like to 

purchase, click Add to Cart, you can continue your shopping or go to checkout, on topt right 

corner click on shopping cart, select country Ireland and click CHECKOUT,

You will be redirected to the PayPal site. Choose a way to pay

  • Option 1- Pay with my PayPal account: Log in to yours account to complete the purchase.

  • Option 2- Pay with a debit or credit card: Enter details of your credit or debit card details to complete purchase.

You will recieve confirmation email about purchase completed. The payment methods are completely safe!


How can I pay?

You can use different types of credit and debit cards or you can use paypall account or transfer account to account.

Do you ship internationally?

It is possible but you have to contact us by email for more details.






How much are delivery charges to buy hot tub?

Delivery in Ireland is free of charge when you will purchase inflatable hot tub. For U.K. and North Ireland we charge 50 Euro.

How do I contact customer service?

You can contact us in contact section.

How long do I have guarantee for product?

You have 1 year guarantee for all our products.


What are refund and exchange policy?

We are happy to exchange or refund any item in fully resaleable condition (not used, not open, fully packed) with proof of receipt returned to us within 14 days. This does not affect your statutory rights: faulty or where goods to not match their description. You have 1 year waranty on our products.


What if I lost the Hot Tubs Owner's Manual?

You can download it from us at this link- Owner's Manuals


How much is the delivery price for accessories and chemicals?
Our price for delivery is determined by the price in shopping cart
  • Price from 00.00 Euro to 19.99 Euro ...............................Delivery charge is 05.00 Euro
  • Price from 19.99 Euro to 59.99 Euro ...............................Delivery charge is 10.00 Euro
  • Price from above then 59.99 Euro..................................Delivery Charge is Free


How much does it cost to run an inflatable hot tub?

If the cover is kept on you should be able to run an inflatable hot tub for between 5 EUR and 10 EUR per week. Spas with inflatable covers, cost substantially less to run than those without. At the very least, you should choose a spa with an inflatable bladder to sit on top of the water below the zip cover if you don't want your bank balance to suffer badly!



Do inflatable hot tubs need a water sanitizer?

YES! All hot tubs need a sanitizer to be regularly added to the water in order to remove bacteria and other 'nasties' that can accumulate in the water. You can buy our recommended product,  Inflatable Spa and Hot tub Chemicals starter Kit, or alternatively take a look at the spa chemicals on our website to choose the right santitizer for you.


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How do we need to book to hire a hot tub?

Visit our website section Hot Tub Hire and complete the form.


How long should it take a hot tub to get hot?

It will takes 8 - 12 hours to heat up hot tub for the first time. 



Can the hot tub be filled up directly from a hot water tap?

Yes, if you have a combi boiler the hot tub can be filled up directly from you hot tap. This allows 

for immediate use of the hot tub.


Do I need to be at home when you deliver the hot tub?

Yes - we need to introduce you to how the hot tub works including the manufactures instructions and certain safety information.


Does anybody need to be at home when you collect the hot tub?

Yes - we need access to unplug the power unit and power to pump out the water. We also need 

to check the hot tub in the presence of the hirer.


How many people do the hot tubs hold?
4 - 6 people, we are offering different types of hot tubs.



Do the hot tubs come with a cover?

Yes - they come with a thermal cover to retain the heat.



What do you need to prepare before installing a hot tub?

To install your hot tub, you need to worry only about three things: a solid, level base to stand it 

on size minimum 2.5 x 2.5 m, a power outlet to provide a juice, and a hose pipe to fill it up with water - it is very simple.










Do I need additional insurance to cover the hot tub?

You will need to check your house insurance policy or contact your insurance broker. You 

are liable for all aspects of the hot tub from it leave our depot, except in transit if we arrange 



Can I cancel date for hiring of hot tub?

When you cancel your date for hiring of hot tub your deposit charge will be kept.


How do I fill and drain the Hot tub?

Using a garden hosepipe fill the Hot tub. Again by connecting hosepipe to the drain valve you will empty the Hot tub. Please always drain the hot tub before the colection date.


Do I need to have water connected all the time?

No. Just fill from a garden hose and top up as required. You can use the same water up to 3 months by using chemicals for Hot tubs.


When I have to use chemicals?

We will supply the chemicals you will need for the duration on your hire period. Instructions on when to put chemicals will be discussed on installation.


What will happen if something goes wrong with my Hot tub during hiring period?

If the Hot tub break down or fails to work properly,You will need to let us know straight away.We will then either try to repair the Hot tub, or if Hot tub is available we will simply replace it.


What is RCD?

All of our Hot tubs are fitted with an RCD (residual current device) this is a cut out device in the event that water comes into contact with electrical supply to your inflatable Hot tub.


How much is the delivery price for Hiring hot tub ?
Our price for delivery is determined by the distances in kilometers. Approximate price per 100 km is 60 Euro .
The starting point for the calculation of transport is Limerick city. 


What is included in the price of delivery ?

Hot Tub delivery anywhere in Ireland, Installation of Hot Tub + Installation of Gazebo,

Picking up Hot Tub and Gazebo after hire period.


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