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It is important to make sure that Hot tub is regularly cleaned and serviced. Check the water in your Hot tub every couple days to see how it looks.

Follow the Hot Tub Chemicals Alphabet:

First adjust pH, then Chlorine sanitizer and finally check Calcium hardness. Keeping your water fresh, clear and clean can be easy. You can decide which method you want to use to keep your Hot tub in best conditions. It is important to create water balance to create perfect conditions for using your Hot tub. Chemicals are design to kill microorganisms that can grow in the hot water. Please read the instruction leaflet that came with chemicals for guidance on this. Never keep chemicals in direct sunlight. Always handle chemicals with great care. Accurately measure chemicals. Keep all chemicals containers sealed and out of reach of children. Never put chemicals directly to inflatable hot tub, always use floating dispenser. You can find variety types of chemicals on our website to make best conditions for your Hot tub.