Chlorine Tablets MINI Hot Tubs and Swimmingpool 0,5kg

Chlorine Tablets MINI Hot Tubs and Swimmingpool 0,5kg

Chlorine Multiplex Mini tablet for hot tub and swiming pool: 0.5 kg = 25 x 20 grams

MASTERsil Multiplex Tablet are complex slowly soluble tablets 20 grams , for total care of pool and hot tub water . Each tablet is also a highly effective means of chlorinating contained and algicide , flocculants and chlorine stabilizer , which gives this product multilateral action. MASTERsil Multiplex Tablet is positively tested by an accredited laboratory with the eradication effect on bacteria , algae , viruses and fungi .


  • Hot Tub for 4 person 800 litres of water: 2 tablets for 7 days.
  • Hot Tub for 6 person 1000 litres of water: 3 tablets for 7 days.
  • Swimming pool 7500 litres of water: 5-6 tablets for 7/ 10 days.
  • Swimming pool 4500 litres of water: 3-4 tablets for 7/ 10 days.
  • This tablets are for: Small dispenser 20g tablets.

Contained flocculants helps filter and very finely dispersed impurities and chlorine stabilizer helps reduce chlorine smell above the surface .

Package: 0,5kg =25x20grams

  • Chlorine Mastersil multiplex mini tablets 20g, 0.5 kg

    CHLORINE TABLETS - are used for desinfection of water in Hot tub, controls bacteria. They can be placed in your skimmer of floating dispenser, never put directly to your Hot tub as severebleaching/staining may occur. Use a floating dispenser or place in filter.