6 Parameters Chlorine Water Test Strips

6 Parameters Chlorine Water Test Strips

6 Parameters Chlorine Water Test strips for Hot tub and Swimming pool.Pool Check 6-Way Test Strips Test for Total Chlorine/Bromine, Total Hardness, Free Chlorine/Bromine, Total Alkalinity, pH, and Cyanuric Acid.Below you will find a list of the color blocks on the label as well as a picture of the Pool Check 6-Way Test Strip bottle label.

Dip the test strip into the pool for 5 seconds, then 10 seconds left to tie the air , and it must shake off the water . To measure used test strips , measured two parameters : free chlorine , pH value . Benefits and advantages :Simple and rapid analysis of waterhigh measuring accuracyPackage Contents :50 pcs of strips
  • Why Should I Test for Cyanuric Acid in My Pool?

    A healthy level of cyanuric acid, also known as pool stabilizer, helps to keep active free chlorine molecules right where you want them: in your pool keeping potentially harmful biological contaminants at bay!

    Non-stabilized pool water allows free chlorine molecules, the stuff you want in your pool water to, for lack of better terminology, escape into the atmosphere before they have a chance to do their job (i.e. neutralize biological contaminants like urine, viruses, parasites, etc.).

    Another way to look at the importance of maintaining a proper cyanuric acid level in a chlorine pool deals with finances.  The more free chlorine molecules that leave your water, the more chlorine powderchlorine tabletschlorine sticks, and/or shots of liquid chlorine you will have to add to the water if you want to keep your free chlorine level in the correct range.

    Also, you want to maker sure that you do not accidentally end up with too much stabilizer in the water since some pool maintenance professionals believe very strongly that too much pool stabilizer in pool water can have adverse effects on the effectiveness of free chlorine in the water.


    Importance of pool water testing

    Regular testing of critical pool water parameters helps you not only make certain the water in your pol has all the sanitizers it requires, but it also helps you to make certain your pool does not have too MUCH sanitizer (which can sting eyes & turn the wife's hair green).

    Oh, and before we forget, many of the waterborne pathogens occasionally found in pool water attack their victims in water that appears cyrstal clear.  Do not let clear water fool you.

    Test your pool often and make SURE that clear water you see contains all the right chemicals and has the proper chemical balance to keep swimmers healthy!