Hardness Blockers for water from the well  (borehole): 1L

Hardness Blockers for water from the well (borehole): 1L

Hardness Blocker for water from the well (borehole): 1L
In general this product will help You clear the hardnes and iron from water. If Your water look white or red, brown immediately after filling hot tub or swimming pool with water use this product. This product will clear water in 24 hours.   

Hardness Blocker: 1000 ml - 

Optimises environment to maintain high quality and sanitary water. Clear water - the pleasure of bathingCharacteristics: Mastersil hardness blocker is a liquid formulation for the treatment of mineralized (Water from the borehole or well) pool water or water into the hot tub. The preparation is blocked leading to hard water minerals and possibly dissolved metals-causing turbidity (eg iron, manganese) in a stable firmly bound complex. The treated water does not generate deposits or tarnish and thus contributes to the health of independence.
  • DIRECTIONS FOR USE: The product is dispensed after filling depending on the hardness of water filled as follows: slightly hard water (up to 20 N) - 30 ml / 1000L, medium-hard water (to 30N) - 60 ml / 1000L, very hard water (over 30 N ) - 90 ml / 1000L. You carried out at the same dose each time you topping up water into the pool or hot tub. Pour a measured amount of product into a plastic container with water and then evenly pour the pool or hot tub while the power filter device.

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