OXY Granules (Chlorine free) 1kg

OXY SHOCK Granules (Chlorine free) 1kgOXY - SHOCK: is designed for initial treatment of swimming pool water immediately after filling in the beginning of the season . The product due to its composition causes " shock " the pool water disinfection . The presence of oxygen ensures destruction of all commonly occurring bacteria , respectively . potential of algae .Use biocides safely . Before use, always read the label and product information attached .

SUMMER and swimming in the pool WITHOUT CHLORINE?  6 reasons you need to try OXI tablets ☀️🌊

 1. They are designed for water treatment in swimming pools, whirlpools and wellness
 2. Dissolves gradually and odorless
 3. You can use them regardless of the hardness of the water
 4. They act acidic and slightly lower the pH value of water
 5. The presence of oxygen guarantees the oxidation of water and thus maintaining its purity
 6. Due to the loss of excess oxygen, you can bathe very soon after use