Intex Solar Mat Pool heating

A great solution for heating your above ground pool.
Eco-friendly solar technology that increases the temperature of the pool water by approximately 3°-5°C (5°-9°F) depending on weather condition.
Suitable for above ground pools up to 8,000 gallons (30,280L), however please note multiple solar mats may be required for larger pools in this range.
Simple to hook up to existing system. Compatible with filter pumps up to 0.5HP or with a flow rate below 2,500 gal/hr (9,463L/hr).
1m² (11ft²) surface area to absorb the suns rays.
Includes 1.25" (32mm) hose attachment points. 2 adaptors B for 1.5" (38mm) hose connection. 0.5m (1.25"/32mm diameter) connecting hose.
Please note more than one mat may be required for larger pools.