No.8-  Sparkle Swimming pool Kit

No.8- Sparkle Swimming pool Kit

No.8 - Sparkle Swimmingpool pool kit

1kg chlorine granules 
1L Algaecide plus
1L Water sparkle 

Algae can be green, yellowish, brown or black.  The bottom and walls of the pool are slippery and greasy, the water smells.  Before the treatment of pool water, it is necessary to adjust the pH of the water to a value of 7.2-7.6.

 Then we use Chlorine Shock.  Use a shock dose to increase algae.  In order to achieve crystal clear and permanently hygienically safe water, it is absolutely necessary to keep the active chlorine content in the range of 0.3 - 0.8 mg / l.  Initial dose: 10 g of the preparation (1 straight tablespoon) per 1 m3 (1000 l) of water.  Continuous dose: every 4 - 6 days approx. 5g / m3.  Increased dose: 8 to 12g / m3.  By using 1.8 g of the preparation per 10 m3, the content of active chlorine is increased by about 0.1 mg / l.

 Water sparkle is used if the water in the pool is cloudy even at the correct pH and active chlorine values.  Dosage 10 ml per 5m3 of pool water.  In case of turbidity or to remove small impurities in the water, ad appropriate amount of water sparkle in a bucket with warm water mix it and let them dissolve.  Then pure the mixture all around the Swimmingpool. CAUTION do not dose together with anti-algae products on the same day !!  The anti-algae preparations can be dosed at the earliest 24 hours after dissolving the water sparkle in the water.

 Algicid Plus destroys most common algae found in swimming pools, has bacteriostatic effects against some bacterial strains and is compatible with both chlorine and chlorine-free water treatment products.  Initial dose 30 ml per 1m3 (1000 liters) of water maintenance dose: 10 ml per 1m3 of water.

 Use biocidal products safely.  Always read the package leaflet and the accompanying product information before use!

 Water sparkle are used if the water in the pool is cloudy even at the correct pH.
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