12 ft Solar COVER for the swimming pool

12 ft Solar COVER for the swimming pool

12 (366cm) Solar COVER for the pool size 12” 

Solar Swimming Pool Cover

The most popular type of swimming pool cover sold in the Ireland and UK is the solar pool cover.

This bubble type solar blanket is designed for use on outdoor pools to maximize the benefits of free solar energy.

These solar pool covers harness the energy of the sun by transmitting the sun’s rays through specially sealed air cells that float on the pool surface which helps raise the temperature of your pool.

The insulating quality of the cover helps to prevent heat loss at night when the air temperature cools.

12 ft. Pool Cover features:
- Warmer pool water with this high-quality solar cover.
- Lower to 0% evaporation of the pool water and keeps dirt and leaves out.
- Drain holes to prevent water from accumulating.
- Suitable for swimming pools measuring 366 cm

Solar sails are designed for family swimming pools , just choose the size according to the size of your pool.Solar sails and their useSolar sail heats the pool water and prevents evaporation of water and chemical agents and at the same time escape the heat of the pool with cold days and nights . Partially it captures debris such as leaves and dirt from the airSolar sails - range of sizes :12 feet (366cm)