Bestway Electric Pool and Hot tub Vacuum

Keeping a pool or hot tub clean can be a difficult job. The Underwater Vacuum from Lay-Z Spa is perfect for making a difficult job much easier.Ideal for small pools and spas, this rechargeable vacuum runs uninterrupted for up to 30 minutes. It has a pivoting suction head with wheels and brushes to make sure you can get into all of the corners and the debris collected sits in an easy to empty stainless steel filter.The transparent body allows you to see when the filter is full and the rechargeable battery is charged from a standard USB socket (similar to most devices).Features and BenefitsRechargeable – No need to plug into a mains power supply while you use this vacuum. The lithium-ion battery stores enough power to run for up to 30 minutes.Easy to empty – The clear body and easy to empty filter make this vacuum a hassle-free machine to use.SpecificationsLithium-ion batteryRechargeable30 mins run timeLED charging lightUSB charge cable2-section pole Extended Length: 110cm included suitable for swimming pool and hot tub.