No.4 - OXY Hot Tub Chemical Starter Kit

No.4 - OXY Hot Tub Chemical Starter Kit

Set the basic hot tub and pools chemicals.
No.4 - Basic Chemicals Set CHLORINE FREE

Chlorine-free chemicals set for hot tubs and swimming pool.

- Oxygen Set Includes: Oxygen tablets, Ph+,Ph-, 
Water Test strips.

Oxygen Tablets contain: 1kg = 50 x 20g in package, 
pH minus 1.6 kg , 
pH plus 0.8 kg , 
2 parameter water test strips: O2 oxygen and pH water tester. (25 tests trips in package)
Chemicals manual.
Floating tablets dispenser: 13cm for 20g tablets

SUMMER and swimming in the pool WITHOUT CHLORINE?  6 reasons you need to try OXI tablets ☀️🌊

 1. They are designed for water treatment in swimming pools, whirlpools and wellness
 2. Dissolves gradually and odorless
 3. You can use them regardless of the hardness of the water
 4. They act acidic and slightly lower the pH value of water
 5. The presence of oxygen guarantees the oxidation of water and thus maintaining its purity
 6. Due to the loss of excess oxygen, you can bathe very soon after use
  • Detailed Description:


    OXY MINI TABLETS - Oxygen based slowly dissolving tablet, chlorine free, gradually dissolves odor.


    pH MINUS - setting ideal pH - 7.4 - is essential for the proper operation of all the preparations that you use. Too high pH irritating eyes and skin, too low pH causes corrosion of metal parts. It is decreaser of pH level.


    ph PLUS - using to raise the pH of the Hot tub. Ideal bathing water should be in the range of 6.8 - 7.6. At pH values below 6.8 may lead to increased discortion of the base material, colour fading, eye and skin irritation. Above pH 7.6 may cause turbidity in water and fat, chlorine odor, eye or skin irritation or clogging of the filter.


    TEST STRIPS - very simple

     usage, using for measuring rght parameters. Dip the test strip into Hot tub for 5 seconds with dry hands to do check of correct parameters.


     CAUTION-Never throw tablets directly into the pool !! Direct contact with the tablet film can cause the bleach.


    To determine the concentration of active oxygen and the pH of the water used test kits. Everything you need can be found in the accompanying booklet.


    Use biocides safely. Before use, always read the label and product information attached!