PH Plus Hot Tub and Swimming Pool

PH plus for Hot Tub and Swimming Pool preparation to increase the pH of swimming pool and hot tubs water.PH PLUS bulk contains sodium bicarbonate. Preparation used to increase the pH of pool water .
  • Pool chemicals - use PH PLUS :

    Correct adjustment of the pH of pool water is a prerequisite for perfect function of the vast majority of plant krystalpool and advice for creating pleasant conditions for swimming . The water in the pool has a pH in the range 6.8-7.6 , and the ideal value for the use of chlorine and chlorine-free disinfection is 7.2-7.6 . If so, it is found appropriate a pool tester . PH higher than 7.6 in water causes mineral opacities may become obstructed by filtration , reduces the effectiveness of disinfection , there is irritation of the eyes and skin . pH lower than 6.8 causes corrosion of metal and concrete , fading colors , eye and skin irritation . When the pH below 6.8 is used to elevate the pH of the composition PLUS . Adding 100 g of the product pH PLUS 10 m3 of water in the pool will increase pool water pH 0.1 . A measured amount of the composition is mixed in a container with water and added to the pool water . After a thorough mixing of all water in the pool is carried out re- measurement of pH and the resulting index , where the entire procedure is repeated . PH control is needed