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Hot Tub Filters | Keep Your Spa Flowing Like It Should

Hot tub filters are important accessories that make water in your tub always clean and safe to use. These filters should therefore be regularly cleaned to keep off debris, grime and microorganisms. Failure to clean the filters clogs them and subjects them to harmful elements which might damage the tub and negatively impact on your health. Cleaning also saves you the cost of buying new filters. Some cleaning items which you will need include a spare filter, soft scrub brush, a high-pressure hose nozzle or power washer, a bucket and chlorine bleach.

Cleaning the hot tub filters should begin after assembling all necessary items. Switch off the power to the hot tub. Start by locating the filter on the hot tub which is normally located close to the sprayer on the inside. Remove the dirty filter by lifting the cover in the concrete and pull out the filter and replace it with the spare. Check the old filter and remove large pieces of debris like hair with a soft brush. Brush down gently along the filter’s seams so as not to damage the filter. You can then spray the filter with a normal garden hose that has a pressure nozzle or power washer with medium pressure. Spray the filter on the inside and outside to remove smaller build up until water runs clear. Improvise support for the filter when spraying by putting a broom stick through the centre of the filter.

More tips on Hot Tub Filters

filters is also essential, do this by filling the bucket with 10 parts warm water to one part of the chlorine bleach. Dip in your filter in the solution for 24 hours. This whitens the filter and kills all germs. Remove the filter after time elapses and inspect it. If any bits of build up or debris particles are present in the inner grating, soak the filter once more. The filter is clean if no particles are present. For more tips visit this link

You should then rinse off your filter through running water via a hose to remove excess bleach. Place the filter in a clean dry place and leave it to dry for at least two weeks. Don’t leave it outside for a longer period than this or else it might get damaged. Continue using a spare filter in the hot tub until it reaches time to clean which should be done just as for the old one. Hot tub filters can be cleaned at least once per month or regularly depending on the frequency of the hot tub use. You can replace old filters annually.

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