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Inflatable hot tub Mspa Reve JB-301 Reviews 2015 - 2016

Mspa Reve JB-301 HOT TUB For 4 Adults.


4-Person Inflatable Bubble and Jets Spa is fast dominating the hot tub market. This is because of its size, luxury materials and advantage. It’s indeed the best inflatable hot tub to go for when thinking of accommodating your friends and loved ones. A typical brand of such product you can buy is the latest Mspa Reve JB-301 HOT TUB For 4 Adults.


The 4-Person Inflatable Bubble Spa comes with the following features:

  • Built-in Control Box

This has unique touch button controls which ensure easy operation of the entire unit.

  • PVC Champagne gold premium liner

This sturdy leather fabric covers the outer section of the product and makes it look great.

  • Water Capacity

The water content capacity is Approx. 700 liters (184 gallons). This is more than enough to entertain 4 persons.

  • Hydromassage jets and Air Jets

Only one Inflatable Hot tub that have jets and bubble sistems.

4 hydromassage jets can be individually adjusted for water flow and direction.

118 effervescence air jets deliver gentle, caressing bubbles. This guarantees enough fun when you swim and cruise in it alongside your loved ones.

  • Built-in Heater

The built-in heater that comes with the hot tub ensures steady supply of hot water according to adjustable temperature up to 42°C.


The 4-Person Inflatable Bubble Spa comes with unique benefits: Here are some points to note:

  • The product is very flexible to use. You can easily deflate and inflate it any time. You can determine how you wish to use it.

  • It’s also very portable. You can carry it around as you desire. All you need is to deflate and inflate it. You’ll also drain the waters and refill it later on.

  • You can save enough energy when you use the hot tub. It only uses 240 volt. Hence, it reduces running cost when compared to traditional hot tubs that consumes much current.

  • You can soothe your energy and brain when you swim and cruise in the hot tub. You can also have fun alongside your loved ones and friends when all of you use it at the same time.


Despite its usefulness, the 6-Person Inflatable Bubble Spa still has some ugly sides. Here are some notable points:

  • The durability is quite limited when compared to normal solid hot tubs. The materials used in manufacturing it will eventually wear out after some years of usage.

  • You might encounter challenges moving the hot tub from place to place. You have to deflate and inflate it. You’ll also need to drain and refill it with water when you get to your destination.


You’re likely to spend much cash when looking for the 4-Person Inflatable Bubble and Jets Spa. It’s actually costlier than other inflatable hot tubs out there. This is mainly because of its advantage jet and bubble sistems. Currently, the price range for the product stands at eround 1,299 Eur.

What people are saying about it

Few people who have bought the product have continued to enjoy using it. They talk more about its easy installation process. You don’t need any tool or professional knowledge to install it. The users also talk about its excellent features.

The only ugly comment talked about concerning the product is the price. It’s actually one of the costliest hot tubs in the market. You really need to spend much to buy it.

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