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Top 10 Hot Tub Accessories

Top 10 Hot Tub Accessories

The nice weather is up and pool season is starting. Hot tub use will now be on the increase. Now, it’s get in the hot tub, relax and ease those sore muscles that are a result of fall hard work, sitting on bleachers watching a football game, or a stressful day at work.

We’ve got the Top 10 Hot Tub Accessories to make your soak in the bubbly, warm water even better!

We’ll start at 10 and work our way down to #1. See if you don’t agree with us on these awesome hot tub products:

10. Invigorate Spa Fragrances: I really enjoy using a spa fragrance when I am looking to get the ultimate relaxation session in my hot tub. Not only do these fragrances provide aromatherapy but they also soften and moisturize my skin as well. There are 6 fragrances to choose from: Bergamot, Ylang-ylang, Regeneration, Mixture to ease breathing, Alpine relaxation, Grapefruit. Simply add 3-4 cap fulls to the spa once I turn on the bubbles and jets. Since these fragrances are specifically made for my hot tub, they will not stain or harm fiberglass, acrylics, or plaster and will not clog filters or affect pH levels.

9. iPad-iPhone Entertainment Set: I love listening to music when I am in the hot tub. I have awesome relaxation playlists on my iPad so when I found this iPad Entertainment Set I was thrilled to be able to use it not only in my pool but in the hot tub as well. My iPad can stay far away from the water but sounds like it’s right there with me. Turn your Hot Tub into your relaxation and entertainment hub with this iPad or iPhone holder plus waterproof iPad & iPhone/iPod covers.. I love my iPad Entertainment Set!

8. Pool water level mesh with rod: I am very particular about the cleanliness of my hot tub. I can give it a quick little once over clean job with the handy Pool water level mesh with rod. I love this easy-to-use. Keep your hot tub super clean with the easy to use Pool water level mesh with rod.Pool water level mesh with rod. Manual pool water level net for gathering dirt from the water level in the pool, including folding bars. My hot tub always looks clean and ready to go which is just the way I like it.

7.WHIRLPOOL Antifoam - highly effective defoamer : I don’t know about you but I do not like to see a foam in my hot tub water. This little liquid takes care of that issue with very little effort on my part! Is a liquid product for suppressing unwanted foam in whirlpools . Foaming water can cause increased stress, frequent use of aromatic essences respectively . oil to soften skin . The composition reduces the surface tension and thereby removes unwanted foam. It has a rapid effect. Such a simple, inexpensive way to keep my hot tub water clean and clear.

6. LED Therapy : I love having ligh when I am relaxing in the hot tub. However, 9 times out of 10 I either forget the candles or the matches or I run out of candles and forget to replace them. I found these LED Lights Therapy that are just perfect. LED lights hot tub with remote control for 4or 6 seats hot tubs. 12 colors LED strip light , which is immersed in the bottom of the hot tub for stepping particular evening or night swimming. Includes remote control .Of course, I can turn them on and off buton in remote control is great for those forgetful times. These lights can be set to have different colors. Love them.

5. M SPA tray on legs: This hot tub accessory is awesome. Branded bath on legs for hot tubs MSPA is used to clean the feet of dirt ( grass , sand, dust ) before entering the private spa tubs . Place it front of jacuzzi and before entering in it to clean your feet . Bath on legs for hot tubs are made ​​of high quality PVC , which simply inflates and you can immediately use . Swelling trays is possible using the built-in compressor directly from whirlpools MSPA ! It simply standard next to the spa and make dust from the feet remove easy peasy!

4. Mspa Surrounding Set: I get unusually excited about organization and storage so when I saw these Surrounding Set I simply had to have that. I love that I can store all my spa accessories right in these Surrounding Set. Made of durable and all weather proof wicker material. 3 model for you to choose. Provides storage and elegance to your backyard or home. This beautiful surrounds comes in a cool grey color that compliments all of MSpa's exterior color. It fits and adds both practically and aesthetics to your spa location. Metal frame and durable all weather proof plastic material. Suitable for all MSpa model. It keeps my hot tub area clean and organized. Plus, they are steps into the hot tub. Functional and functional!! Two color steps, Open storage unit, Cabinet storage unit.

3. Spa and Hot Tub Booster Seat: I like this booster seat that’s made for hot tubs for several reasons. First, every now and then I take one of the kids in the hot tub with me. We’ve made this our special one on one time so the kids look forward to this. My littlest ones, however, are just too short be able to sit in the hot tub so this booster seat takes care of that little problem. Secondly, I like to use it myself when I need a specific area of my back to be right in front of the jets. Rather than maneuvering myself in some weird contorted way to get that certain sore spot in front of the water jet, I can use this booster seat to make it much easier.

2. Mspa comfort set: Usually by the time I am getting in the hot tub, I don’t have the energy to even keep my head up anymore. That’s why I really like my Comfort set. I’ve tried numerous different spa pillows others to simply wrap around my neck, but I’ve found I like this one the best. Comfortable SPA set is designed for all types of mobile whirlpools MSPA . It contains two anatomical and softened head restraints and a holder for two beverages . Anatomic headrest are extra comfortable , made ​​of silicone with high durability. Moulded cup holder can fix the edge of the wall and comfortably can hold two drinks . Most importantly, though, it’s super comfortable!

Finally, my #1 choice for hot tub accessories:

1. The Inflatable Spa Bar: This is the coolest hot tub product ever! I can’t even tell you how many times I have dumped my wine or soda in the hot tub by accident. Since we purchase this cool item, that hasn’t happened at all. I love this inflatable bar because you can either let it float in the hot tub or hang it over the edge of the spa. Either way, it keeps all your drinks and snacks close at hand while I am relaxing my cares away. There is even a middle chamber that functions like a wine bucket! Yup, all the other products are rather practical items but this spa bar is my splurge….best part is, it’s under 50 Euro so it’s really no splurge at all!!

That’s my Top 10 Hot Tub Accessories. Do you agree? Take a look at all the Hot Tub and Spa products and accessories that Hot Tub Ireland has to offer.

Choose your favorites and take relaxation to the next level…

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