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Mspa Luxury Exotic M-115S Hot Tub 6 Person Review

Mspa Luxury Exotic M-115S Hot Tub 6 Person Review

Find out a little about the Mspa Luxury Exotic M-115S hot tub 6 person.

This new hot tub model designed for 2015 sees Mspa luxury exotic taking comfort and relaxation to new heights. If you have been looking for a social inflatable hot tub but found that none were big enough to fit all of your friends in, this may be the product for you. The M-115S has been designed to be used by 6 people and it provides a considerable amount of comfort for users.

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This hot tub provides a true spa experience and with close to 138 air jets situated at the foot of the spa, this is likely to provide the most pampering you can receive outside of an exclusive club or health spa. The design for this new style of spa has put comfort and relaxation at the forefront of all of its different elements. This can be seen with the inclusion of ceramic heaters which heat the water quicker than you have ever seen before. If you are tired of waiting for your hot tub to warm up, this new style of inflatable hot tubdrastically reduces the waiting time. When it comes to making the most of your leisure time, this is a hot tub that has been built with you in mind.

  • A premium hot tub designed for 6 people

  • Comes with 12 month warranty

  • Comes with a host of features and additional products

  • Premium crocodile pattern PVC leather spa cover with solid black spa interior

  • Satin golden trim, unique MSpa logo golden zipper head, and embossed MSpa logo

  • All around bubbling design with 138 powerful air jets

  • Variable-speed blower lets you adjust massage intensity between 3 levels

  • LCD touch screen

  • Integrated spa ozone generator

  • Whisper quiet design to make a soothing spa treatment

  • I-beam spa body structure to make the spa rigid and durable

  • PTC ceramic heating technology. Heats up to 42°C/104 °F

  • 6-pad seat cushion included on the spa floor

  • Matching top spa cover with foil inside to prevent heat loss

  • Advanced control box for user friendly operation and provides quick inflation in minutes

  • Contains a self-drainage system for easy use.

The improved efficiency of heating the hot tub has also led to a reduction in the electricity consumption when heating the tub. This will bring about long term savings with respect to your electricity bills. The value for money that comes from buying this style of hot tub as opposed to more permanent hot tubs is apparent but there are long term savings to be gained as well. If youhave been looking to justify your purchase, you will find that the short and long term benefits offered by theMspa Luxury Exotic M-115S will give you all of the encouragement and motivation you need. The heating device has also been triple insulated so there is a great degree of comfort that comes from using this heater.

Another way that the Mspa Luxury Exotic M-115S provides value for money is with the great range of additional products supplied with the hot tub. All buyers will receive an inflatable bladder, a twin set of filters, a manometer and house, a heat retention mat, an adaptor for the drainage hose and everything you need with respect to maintaining, integrated spa ozone generator for correct chemical levels of your hot tub. All customers will also receive a 12 month warranty.

There is a safety lock for when the hot tub is not in use, which provided further peace of mind and comfort. Another great feature of this hot tub is the quiet installation and set up process. If you are concerned about making a lot of noise early in the morning or late at night, there is nothing to worry about when using this style of hot tub. The integrated power pack helps to make this a quiet spa but it also ensures that the spa remains neat and tidy at all times. Variable speed blower lets you adjust massage intensity between 3 levels on LCD touch screen.

Another important feature that encourages ease of use is the integrated self-drainage system. This makes emptying the hot tub so much simple and straightforward. Hot tubs are aimed at providing relaxing benefits to their users and the wide range of features made available by Mspa help to make this one of the most impressive hot tubs on the market in 2015.


Dimensions:2.04 x 0.70mH (80" x 28"H)

Water Capacity:Approx. 930 liters (245 gallons)

Net Weight:Approx. 41kg (90lbs)

Air Jet:138Cover

Material:Luxury crocodile pattern thick PVC leather with satin golden bottom panel and trimShell Material:Premium thick PVC - Solid black

Control System:220-240V 50Hz; 110-120V 60Hz (US)

Heater:1500W; 1350W (US)

Massage Air Blower:720W – 3 levels (L1:300W; L2:500W; L3:720W); 500W (US)

Filter Pump:12V/60W; 24V/50W (US)

Ozone Generator:5.5W

Ozone Output:50 – 80mg/Hr

Heat Increasing Rate:1.2-1.8°C/Hour; 2 -3°F/Hour (US)


Manometer, filter cartridge x 2, garden hose adapter, inflatable bladder, inflation hose, upgraded heat preservation foam mat, digital lock, integrated seat cushion, instruction DVD and owner’s manual included Warranty:12 months for spa pool and electric part.

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