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Hot Tub Chemicals Instructions

Please find out information how to use chemicals for Your Hot tubs : 1. It is important to set PH LEVEL CORRECTLY to make sure that Chemicals will be working correctly. (Chlorine, Bromine tablets or granules. Level of pH for Hot tub should be between 7.2 - 7.6 (Level of Chlorine for Hot tub should be 3 - 5 ppm). (Level of Bromine for Hot Tub should be 4 - 6 ppm) Ph level has to be checked regularly (once a week) by using tester strips, 

Increasing Ph using by Ph Plus product to increase about 0.1 you should use 1 plastic spoon or table spoon of Ph Plus product, 

Decrease level of pH by using Ph Minus product about 0.1 you should use 2 plastic or table spoons of product. 

The Ph level needs to be checked again in minimum 24 hours after first time ph adjusted.

The reason for this is the Ph product adjustment neet to get proper mixing time with the water. Please press the filtration button on your hot tub. Always read the instructions on the label on product.  2. When you adjusted Ph level, then put right amount of Chlorine Tablets to floating dispenser, press the filtration system on to make sure these chemicals are mixed in water. Chlorine Tablets ( Bromine Tablets ) - 2 tablets for 800L of water (4 person), 3 tablets for 1000L of water (6 person) to be placed to floating dispenser once a week, best to place them during night time and then dont forget to remove floating dispenser while you bathing, after bath you can place floating dispenser back to Hot tub.

Never mix chlorine and bromine or other chemicals. If you want to change chemicals in your hot tub please empty the hot tub and start with the step 1. Adjusting the ph level.

For quick adjustments of Chlorine level in the water is the best to use Chlorine granules. 2 table spoons of chlorine granules is estimated equivalent to 1- 20g tablet for 1000 litres of water. This amount can be added to hot tub water every week to do chlorine shock in the water with the chlorine tablets dosage depending of the hot tub size.


the best practice to keep the water clean is to use water spark . It help to concentrate small dirt to bigger flakes which can be then be taken out from the water 

filtration sistems (filters cartridges) 

If is your hot tub installed in garden the best practices is to put plastic tray for feet in front of hot tub. And every time you use the spa wash your feet in it. FAQ:


INFLATABLE HOT TUBS FILTERS  Filter in your inflatable hot tub is necessary to clean at least once a week (when you using Hot tub more often,then every second day) by using Cartridge cleaner or with water hose. Please remove filter and clean under running water - you can use the same filter for up to 1 month, but if it becomes very dirty, please change it for new one. Please check the manual for the hot tub where the manufacturer set the interval for changing the filers. 

Changing Interval for the filters is different on permanent hot tubs. Where the filter needs to be cleaned every month by using Cartridge cleaner or with water hose and once in year need to be changed for new one. Please check the manual for the hot tub where the manufacturer set the interval for changing the filers.

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