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Simple Guide for Hot Tub Chemicals

A simple explanation of hot tub chemicals: If you feel like you need a chemistry degree with all your hot tub chemicals. Fear not. Instructions for each chemical will be on the side of the container.

SANITISERS Simply put. They kill the bacteria. This is the main thing you will have to check and add regularly. There are two common sanitisers:

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Chlorine is the more common, and cheaper of the two. It should sit between 3-5mg/l (ppm). A well-balanced hot tub should not have a strong Chlorine odour. Bromine is equally effective as a sanitiser. However, it comes into its own in an unstable pH environment. As it is able to effectively kill bacteria even in high or low pH water.

We usually recommend Chlorine over Bromine, as it is an effective sanitiser that people are familiar with. And it keeps running costs down. But if you find Chlorine is irritating your skin or eyes. Or, that you are having difficulty keeping your pH stable, we would recommend a switch to Bromine.

pH LEVELS For your sanitisers to work effectively. And for your water to be comfortable to sit it. You will need to check the pH levels. Often people switch off Chlorine, thinking it is irritating their skin or eyes. But it can be an imbalanced pH that causes this irritation. pH sits on a scale of 0 – 14. With 0 being extremely acidic, 14 extremely alkaline. And 7 being neutral. The perfect hot tub pH level sits very slightly alkaline between 7.2 and 7.6.

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Always keep chemicals in their original container and keep away from children. Follow the instructions on the packaging for administering. Never mix chemicals. IN SUMMARY Chemicals are needed for your hot tub to keep the water safe and comfortable to sit in.

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