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Intex pure spa hot tub feature You didn't know!

Hello and welcome to another blog post. Today I'm going to show You Intex Pure spa hot tub feature You didn't know!

You already know that inflatable hot tubs can be inflated whit ther engine. But I can't see nothing about that the same engine can diflate the Intex pure spa hot tub. It is nothing in ovners manual or in any website, I decided that I'm going to show You how that can be done.

This is the best Tip for storage Your Intex inflatable hot tub.

What You need to do:

Get white key and take the screw from the back of the Intex pure spa engine out.

2. Use brown adapter which You can see on the picture and screw in the spa hole. (The adapter is always in the package with the Intex pure spa)

3. Conect the hose for inflation (deflation) in the conector and locked in on.

4. Put the second end of the hose in the Intex pure spa valve connector for inflation or deflation. Turn on the Intex and pres bubbles button on until all air is out from the Tub.

5. When You done turn off the engine, unplug the inflatable hose and close the valve connector on the tub. Screw back the lead back on the Intex pure spa engine and You are ready to store Your spa in the storage.

I hope that this small manual helps You and have nice day.

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