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The 4 Best Handheld Pool Vacuums

For swimming pool owners who don't want to invest in a costly robotic unit, these handheld vacuums will keep your water sparkling and the bottom debris-free, albeit with a little more effort on your part. They are available in battery- and pump-powered models, as well as totally manual options for those who enjoy a workout or need to clean only a small area, such as a Inflatable hot tubs or permanent spa.

The Pool Maintenance kit with net (For purchase click here)is a compact option that is ideal for small swimming pools of, like 9”,10”,12”pools, spas, and ponds. The debris bag fits securely around the vacuuming unit, so nothing escapes it, and is surprisingly large to accommodate a lot of leaves.

2.03m /80"For use with 3.96m/13" and below poolsIncludes a light weight pole with interchangeable vacuum and skimmer headsVacuum has a one piece cleaning head with reusable debris bagVacuum connects to garden hose which can be connected to the pool filtration or submarine water pump.DescriptionBestway 80in Swimming Pool Maintenance Kit offers a simple solution to cleaning and maintaining an 8ft to 12ft Steel Frame or Fast Set pool. It s absolutely perfect for pool owners who have to squirm around in filthy water, using a sponge and bag to clear debris and scour grime. The swimming pool cleaning equipment consists of an 80in (2.03m) aluminium pole and an interchangeable vacuum and skimmer head. No tools are required to set up the swimming pool skimmer and vacuum; they simply connect to the end of the pole. The length of the pole has been custom-designed for 8ft to 12ft swimming pools, allowing all areas to be cleaned without the strain or awkwardness of a larger or smaller model. Using the swimming pool net skimmer couldn t be simpler. Once the head has been attached to the aluminium pole it s a simple case of swooping down into the water and scooping up loose debris such as dead insects, animal faeces and rotting leaves.

The AquaScan Electric Pool Vacuum is perfect for getting rid of leaves, stones and other bits of debris that have fallen to the bottom of your pool or spa. This battery powered vacuum will help you to keep you pool or spa clean and tidy. Telescopic pole reaches up to 1.5m / 5ft when fully extended Required 8AA batteries (not included)

Designed to be used in Swimmingpool pools 10 feet or less in diameter , inflatable hot tubs and comes in at a budget-friendly price that anyone can appreciate. It works best for those who only need to suck up sand, pebbles, and other small debris, as it can struggle on leaves.

Intex Handheld Rechargeable Vacuum with Telescoping Aluminum Shaft and Two Interchangeable Brush Heads

Strong, built-in Ni-MH rechargeable batteries for powerful suction capability

Suitable for use with all Intex Inflatable hot tubs PureSpas and above ground pools up to 18' diameter

Includes two interchangeable brush heads, USB cable for recharging, 94" lightweight telesoping aluminum shaft, & shaft adapter to fit longer/wider telescoping aluminum shaft

Automatic shutoff feature when vacuum is not submerged in water, IPX8 waterproof switch for added protection against water submersion

Keep pool water clean by vacuuming out dirt and debris

Must be submerged to operate properly

Keeping a pool or hot tub clean can be a difficult job. The Underwater Vacuum from Lay-Z Spa is perfect for making a difficult job much easier.Ideal for small pools and spas, this rechargeable vacuum runs uninterrupted for up to 30 minutes. It has a pivoting suction head with wheels and brushes to make sure you can get into all of the corners and the debris collected sits in an easy to empty stainless steel filter.The transparent body allows you to see when the filter is full and the rechargeable battery is charged from a standard USB socket (similar to most devices).Features and BenefitsRechargeable – No need to plug into a mains power supply while you use this vacuum. The lithium-ion battery stores enough power to run for up to 30 minutes.Easy to empty – The clear body and easy to empty filter make this vacuum a hassle-free machine to use.SpecificationsLithium-ion batteryRechargeable30 mins run timeLED charging lightUSB charge cable2-section pole Extended Length: 110cm included suitable for swimming pool and hot tub.


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